Property Management Testimonials

property management testimonials

I would like to say that I have lived at other condos in the past, and I have NEVER lived somewhere that has an association like Liberty. The grounds at the community ALWAYS looks well maintained! Grass is green, no weeds, mowing, trimming, you name it. This has truly, in my opinion, made it easier for me to receive multiple offers on my unit. I would not recommend any other management team. Please let your team know that it's appreciated!

  • I would like to say that I have lived at other condos in the past, and I have NEVER lived somewhere that has an association like Liberty.
    The grounds at the community ALWAYS looks well maintained! Grass is green, no weeds, mowing, trimming, you name it. This has truly, 
    in my opinion, made it easier for me to receive multiple offers on my unit. I would not recommend any other management team.
    Please let your team know that it's appreciated!
  • Liberty Community Management has been Annslee Lakes manager for over five years. There managers and staff have been invaluable in there tireless efforts to do everything possible to make our community the best place to live in Walton county. We would and have recommended them to represent other communities in the area.
    George Cothran, Vice President, Annslee Lakes HOA
  • Liberty Community Management has been our management company since our HOA was established in June 2006. We have found them to be efficient and effective in handling the business of the community. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional in dealing with our resident needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.
    Peggy Robinson , President, Olde Hickory Village HOA
  • The Windsor Creek Community has been managed by Liberty Community Management (LCM) for the five years that I have lived there. Over that period of time LCM has provided considerable advice and expertise to the community leadership as it transitioned from a homeowners association (HOA) to a property owners association (POA). LCM and its representatives provide consistent, effective and efficient management services to the Windsor Creek Community and have been astonishingly fast in response to questions, and requests regarding any number of issues and concerns from homeowners. I have been a Board member including Board President of the HOA/POA over the last five years and have interacted with representatives of LCM including property managers, financial manager, as well as the owner of LCM. I have found the individuals pleasant, knowledgeable, skillful and willing to help. I highly recommend Liberty Community Management for your property management needs.
    William J. Bellini , President, Windsor Creek POA
  • Kittery Point Subdivision has been managed by Liberty Community Management for the past six years. They have done an awesome job. The president, Kevin has been accessible from day one. It is great to know that even though the company has grown tremendously, the president is still very accessible and will get involved in any matter that needs to be resolved. He takes pride in resolving concerns of HOA boards. He is humble, committed to excellence and serving the boards that his company represents.

    We are also fortunate that our property manager Lucas Watson is very proactive and addresses problems before they become huge impacting the community. He does not wait for the board to bring issues to him. He aggressively seeks to reduce the amount of delinquency our community has. He is very responsive when problems are brought to him. Responsive, diligent and dedicated are the words I would use to describe Lucas and his work ethics. He is by far the best property manager we have had in the eight years I have served as President of th Home Owners Association here at Kittery Point.
    Malcolm L. Quillen , President Kittery Point HOA
  • Fran Baker, our community manager, does a very nice job of responding quickly when a neighbor has a question or concern. She's respectful and responsive, and normally is able to handle the situation without involving Board members. Fran is also very responsive when we need help. One Saturday, I stopped at the pool to find a broken water pipe above the men's room in the pool cabana. My first move was to turn off the water. My second was to call Fran. Thanks to her quick work, we were able to have the plumbing repairs completed in time to re-open the pool at 3:00 on what turned out to be one of the hottest Saturday's of the summer.

    I really appreciate her responsiveness and efficiency, but it is also a personal pleasure to work with Fran. She's "good people".
    Clarke Peterson, Ivy Creek HOA
  • During the five plus years that Liberty Community Management has been the agent for Olde Hickory Village I have had many opportunities to interact with Fran Baker. Fran has shown herself to be well-informed, helpful and professional on all occasions. I have enjoyed my association with Fran.
    Micki Horton, Resident, Olde Hickory Village
  • Liberty Community Management has been representing our community since it has been established and has provided our community with excellent service. I just recently became a board member for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible my community manager is to assist us in guiding our community to strive and improve. The staff at Liberty Community Management is very well educated and friendly. I would highly recommend Liberty Community Management to anyone who needs assistance with their communities.
    Karri Usher, Sycamore Glen HOA
  • I have lived in Willow Trace Subdivision since 2002 and have been an active member of the HOA since 2007. I confirm that I have dealt with Fran Baker and Liberty Community Management since 2007, during which time they have provided our community with excellent support. Ms. Baker is extremely dedicated to her work. Her management has been a major factor in our community’s success, helping it to become a vibrant community as well as a great place to live.

    I can confidently recommend Fran Baker & Liberty Community Management as a solid and reliable community managers, and experts in their field.
    Virginia Busby , Willow Trace, HOA Member
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Denny, President of Liberty Community Management Co. for the past six(6)years. Kevin is honest,dependable and extremely professional. He currently manages the condominium community in which I live in. Kevin is efficient and works side by side with the HOA and Board Members. I highly recommend Mr. Denny to get the job done.
    Mary Mack, Board of Directors
  • Since 1995 I have been associated with home owners association and property management companies. We have hired and fired many management companies, but Liberty stands above and beyond the others. Mainly as the result of Ms. Fran Baker, without her Liberty might be just another management company. She takes hateful calls and emails everyday, taking that hassle off the communities board of directors. Knowing the communities and homeowners makes Fran so succsessful in dealing with situations of ignorant homeowners that don't know how the board works. I know I can just make one phone call and have all the answers I need. If anyone has ever had a problem with Fran, I can assure you, that the problem lies with the homeowner.
    Doug Byron, Estates at Great Oaks
  • I was out at Lakeshore Estates this morning cleaning the pool and met an employee of Liberty. Her name is Maria and she is responsible for cleaning the restrooms and the club house. She came over and introduced herself and told me what she does at the property, we kind of compared notes on responsibilities etc. I told her that I did not really know much about Liberty (which was a small lie), and asked her how she liked working for the company. Maria lit up and said "the owner is fantastic"! That it is very important to her that you are a Christian and that you run your business with high ethical and moral standards. She also said that you are accessible, even though she is in the field the majority of the time, if she needs to talk to you, you make time for her and listen. She said that you ask her opinion on what can be done better with regards to her job and that you are always open for suggestions and ideas-and will take them seriously and make change if need be. Maria was so in tuned to what Liberty's goals are with regards to growing and expanding and she was really excited about it. She has so much pride in her work and what she does for Liberty-I firmly believe this if from your direction and influence.

    I have to tell you that I was blown away with Maria's response. Not that I expected the opposite, but I find so often the people out in the field do not have a clue of what is going on inside the walls of the office-and you tend to get a real honest opinion from them on their job and the company they are working for.

    I just wanted to let you in on the conversation I had with Maria and what this employee really thinks of the company she works for. WOW! Very impressive.
    Stephanie M. Laird, Patriot Pools Inc
  • I wanted to take a moment to express our communities thanks for all the years of wonderful service you have provided us. I know that it is unusual to hear from us when things are going well. Our communications are typically motivated by crazy issues that arise in our community due to complaints and negitive items. That is why I thought it was time to send you an "atta boy!" message instead.

    As you know we are a small community and have been having collection issues. Without you standing by us like partners during this difficult time, we would have had to make some tremendously difficult choices. We truly appreciate the personal attention from our account manager Sheila Pace as well as Mr. Denny's never ending support.

    Again thanks from all of us at Bradford Place HOA and we look forward speaking with you all very soon.
    Michael Mazza
  • I have been a member of the Great Oaks Landing Board for nearly nine years. For nearly all of that time, Liberty C M has been employed to handle our day-to-day affairs. Our relationship with Liberty has blossomed and grown through the years. We have been extremely happy with their handling of our financial matters , Covenant violations, and legal affairs. In particular, Fran Baker has been a stellar Community Manager. Her diligence and thoroughness are second to none. Many times problems have arisen at odd hours, and Fran has been there to handle them. Liberty would be a good choice of management company for any neighborhood.
    Ken Fox, Treasurer, Great Oaks Landing HOA
  • Fran Baker is a wonderful asset to Liberty Community Management. She has always taken care of any and all matters very efficiently and has always treated us with extremely good service. Everyone that I know has always been very satisfied and pleased with everything she has handled. Fran is a kind, compassionate, caring, and service minded person, which makes an organization successful. Putting your customers first, and giving them service on time, without delays, is essential in creating good customer realtionshops, and that is exactly what Fran Baker does in every situation. Fran is always kind, friendly, and concerned about any matters that anyone has presented to Liberty Community Management. I would be the first to recommend her to anyone. She is a person of character and always does what she says.
    Dwight Williams, Windsor Creek HOA
  • You have on multiple occasions demonstrated your ability to handle some very difficult situations with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. You conduct yourself with the highest character and possess a tremendous amount of patience in dealing with a wide variety of personalities and issues.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the last several years and hope to continue to work with you and LCM in the future.
    Bret Clark, NS Homes
  • In 2004, Lake Walton Estates interviewed several property management companies and selected Liberty Community Management. Since 2004, Liberty has become a valuable partner in the professional management of Lake Walton Estates. Lake Walton Estates is a private, gated community located in West Walton County, near the city of Monroe. Liberty has assisted Lake Walton in the selection of Legal Counsel, as well as moving LWE from a Homeowners Association to a Property Owners Association. In addition, Liberty has been instrumental in helping select a quality, paving contractor for a major repaving project. LWE always depends on Liberty’s guidance, support and input regardless of the project. Lake Walton Estates Property Manager, provides a valuable service with regular drive through which assist LWE in maintaining the high standards set forth in LWE’s Covenants and Property Maintenance Standards. The manager is always available for all LWE meetings. She has a vast knowledge of property management and is able to direct us in managing our property efficiently and effectively. Both, Liberty and Sheila are considered an integral part of the successful management of Lake Walton Estates. Shelia is very easy to work with, arriving on time for scheduled meetings and appointments and returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Lake Walton Estates has been very fortunate to be partners with Liberty Management and Sheila Pace over the past six years.
    Donald D. Aenchbacher, Lake Walton Estates Association Architectural Review Committee Chairman
  • I've been impressed by Liberty's personable service that recognizes our community not just as a collection of houses, but as a community of families with specific and diverse needs.
    Shervette Miller , Secretary, Hairston Park HOA
  • I personally have been pleased with your services specifically your prompt reply/ response to any questions or concerns I have had.
    Makeba Orr , Treasurer, Hairston Park HOA
  • I definitely feel that Liberty and you in particular have done a great job. You are always responsive to our inquiries and follow up on the questions we send you. It is definitely a relief knowing that we have professionals on the job whereas before, with other mgmt. companies, it felt as if they were going through the motions. Thank you and have a blessed day.
    Jorge Narvaez, Member, Board of Director, Avery Park HOA
  • Lucas has been exemplary in managing The Gates of Braselton community. By managing the daily property, maintenance and business, Lucas and Liberty have freed the residence to enjoy this special neighborhood.
    Steve Driscoll, Member, Board of Directors, The Gates of Braselton HOA
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Liberty for your invaluable help this year in overseeing our HOA. It would have been very difficult for us to have managed this year without your advice, knowledge, insights and Liberty’s resources. You have made our jobs so much easier and couldn’t imagine taking on all of the responsibilities and liabilities without you. We feel that your help has been a big reason that Rosebrooke continues to be one of the best communities in our area.
    Kent Mattison , President, Board of Directors of Rosebrooke HOA
  • The management of homeowner associations has become more and more difficult as our economy continues to sputter. As board members, we are desperately seeking ways to be more and more efficient in using the resources of the HOA to protect our property values, maintain common facilities and deal with a host of member concerns. Without professional guidance, this association would have made a number of decisions which would have dramatically increased our risk potential; significantly increased our headaches in dealing with the everyday concerns of running the association; and proven just how difficult it is to run an HOA with people who have the heart to serve but little or no relevant experience! Liberty Community Management has provided the needed guidance, as well as professional assistance, in an array of situations keeping the directors from making any number of risky moves which would have almost assuredly turned disastrous! Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to your continued help in meeting the needs of this community.
    Ron Workman, President The Glen at Simonton Homeowners Association, Inc
  • Lucas Watson has been the best Property Manager our community has had. He is diligent, honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and efficient.

    As a Treasurer, my experience with Liberty Community Management has been very professional. All transactions that have taken place have been in the best interest and protect the Board and HOA of our community.
    Meeghan Murray, Treasurer, River Club at Boar Tusk HOA
  • [In] my experience in working with past Property Managers, Mr. Lucas Watson has been the best. When given a task he expedites it in the most professional and informative way; he leaves no stones unturned. Thank you for all that you do.
    Alice Lytle , President, River Club at Boar Tusk HOA
  • I am not sure exactly when Luke Watson took over managing our property at Flanigan Village, but the impact was immediate. Liberty Community Management should be proud of his work and the image he portrays for the company. All of our board members have been impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. We have had comments from our property owners as well, as to the timeliness of his responses and the immediate resolution of issues. Again, great job.
    Trygve Arnesen , President, Flanigan Village HOA
  • Theresa DunneyI just wanted to take a minute to send you a great big “Thank You” for all you do! Typically, particularly in your line of work, you only hear from people when they are upset. Yours is a thankless job for the most part. I just felt that it was right to let you know how much you are appreciated.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing you and working with you for probably 5 years now in two different communities. During that time, there have been many difficult situations that have arisen. You have always – and I mean always – gone out of your way to take care of the matter – and make the homeowner happy. That is admittedly a very difficult thing to do. You have always communicated quickly and effectively with everyone involved. Also, whatever the situation, you have maintained your calm and professionalism. Like I said before, yours can be a thankless job!

    I look forward to our being able to continue to work together for a long time to come!

    You are the best! Thank you again for all you do!!!!
    Theresa Dunney, Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc.
  • I have had the pleasure of having Wendy Sanders as our representative for Liberty Management over the Stillwater neighborhood in Hall County for three years. As the president of the Stillwater HOA I have worked beside Wendy on a weekly basis for the entire time. After dealing with other management company representatives in previous neighborhoods Wendy makes my job on the BOD at Stillwater a walk in the park compared to past experiences. From dealing with irate homeowners to the everyday job requirements she handles them all professionally and precisely. I would like to thank Wendy again for the great service she provides for Stillwater and look forward to working with her for many years to come.
    Marty Elkins, Stillwater HOA President