2012 Facts and Figures about HOAs

Zogby Ibope International conducted a nationally representative survey of community association residents in February 2012. The survey affirmed what Zogby learned from similar national surveys in 2005, 2007 and 2009:

  • Residents are satisfied with their community associations.
  • Association board members strive to serve the best interests of the community.
  • Community managers provide value and support to associations.
  • Association rules protect and enhance property values.
  • Homeowners value the return they get for their association assessments.
  • Residents do not want additional government intervention in their communities.

Facts and Figures

  • An estimated 2 million volunteers serve on community association boards, with tens of thousands more serving as committee members.
  • There are at least 320,000 community association annual meetings every year, at least 2.5 million association board meetings and an estimated one million association committee meetings a year.
  • The estimated annual value of the time devoted by board members and other resident volunteers to their community associations is $850 million. According to one estimate, about 26 percent of the eligible U.S. population volunteers at some point during a year; community association leaders volunteer continuously during a year—a large percentage of them for many years.
  • In 2012, association boards supervised the collection of close to $40 billion in annual assessments and maintained investment accounts of more than $35 billion for the long-term maintenance and replacement of commonly held property.




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