Shoots fired at HOA Board Members!

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A 67-year-old Port Orange man has been arrested after being accused of shooting at homeowners association board member’s homes in his neighborhood.  It allegedly happened after he was told his newly  built shed was not approved.

HOA members told Ronald Lovejoy his shed in a Port Orange neighborhood was not approved, and he didn’t get the proper permits to build it. They say he was so upset that he shot at their homes. Other HOA members say he threatened them too.

“I have lived her for ten years…never saw even a small problem… very upsetting,” said neighbor Gar Odor.

According to the police report, Lovejoy fired into the homes of the HOA president and also the lawyer for the association, while they and their families slept.

No one was hurt. Police say it happened on two separate occasions.

Lovejoy was confronted by police, and they say he admitted to the shootings, even showing them where his gun was found.  He said he chose the .22 because he felt it was less likely to hurt someone. The Port Orange resident said he simply wanted to scare them.

“I guess that’s just the times we live in,” Odor added.

HOA members got suspicious when they say Lovejoy got very angry during a HOA meeting in April.  Lovejoy was said to be  “accusing one board member of being pompous… calling him a big shot and a know it all.”  According to the police report, he also said he’s not afraid of anything because he was a mercenary for five years with the Department of Defense.

Lovejoy was arrested on Friday and is charged with two counts of shooting into an occupied building.  He remains in the Volusia County Jail with bond set at $30,000.

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