Supreme Court, really?

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More than a year after three homeowners at a 55-and-older community in Calverton filed a petition against their homeowners association alleging the group broke state law, a state Supreme Court justice has ruled against the homeowners and dismissed the proceedings, according to court documents.


Before going to court last year, the trio asked to see financial records of the Windcrest East Homeowners Association, a request that was granted provided the homeowners drove to Queens to see the records in person. After they could not settle the matter with the association, the homeowners filed the petition against its board of directors, saying the board violated state property law and community bylaws by storing the financial records away from their complex on Golden Spruce Drive in Calverton.


But Justice William Rebolini issued a judgment Jan. 24 in favor of the association, sayings laws were not violated and that the trip to Queens was not an undue inconvenience.


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